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2 years ago

Reversed pay

I have reversed a pay that was sent to the ato. Then I did the pay again.  Now my records are out for the employee. It wont let me delete the reversed pay. It has added both pays to yearly income even though one has been reversed.


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  • Hi,


    What was the payment for, and how did you reverse it in the first place? 


    If you haven't already you may have to do a payroll correction whereby you run an "update event" payroll for the relevant employee. In order to cancel out the double pay you'd need to record a negative pay in MYOB. 




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    Hi Maisie94 


    Thank you for your post and vidario1 for your advise. 


    That is right, we should start with how was the reverse done. If you need additional information on that, here's a Help Article on Changing a recorded pay. If you're mentioning the submitted report on STP reporting centre, that can't be deleted. All submitted reports to the ATO can't be deleted. If you already processed a new pay run, then the latest one (the last one at the top) will be the updated report submitted. 

    If you've done a double pay run, you can delete that pay run IF it hasn't been submitted yet to the ATO. You can then reverse it if you already submitted it. 



    Please feel free to post again. I'm happy to assist further.


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