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9 months ago

PAYG Withholding payment

In the past I have done the PAYG Withholding payment through Pay Liabilitys & paid through our bank account.


But this year the PAYG Withholding is being lodged monthly through the ATO online servies & the ATO applied a credit from our ATO account to pay the PAYG Withholding.  Now I do not know how to record the PAYG Withholding & payment in MYOB as the money did not come out of our bank account.


Please advise, thank you


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    Hi KyBenno,


    Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum. 


    In this regard, if you are an individual taxpayer or sole trader, you can make a request to start PAYG installments using your myGov account linked to the ATO’s Online services. Select Tax, then Manage, then Enter PAYG installments. You can check out this Help Article: Recording your ATO payment or credit has detailed information that you can use as a reference.  


    If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to post again. We are happy to assist you.  


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      KyBenno Celia_B 




      An Entity has 2 Accounts with the ATO.


        Integrated Client Account (ICA)    Income Tax Account (ITA)


      If the ITA is in credit (a refund), the ATO may apply to the ICA.


      I would do a Journal or a Receive Money to the ICA.
      Seek assistance from your Tax Accountant.