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2 years ago

Emails out to multiple contacts

I want to send a blanket email to our clients.  How can I do that without all the email addresses showing.

Thanks for any help.

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  • Hi BethCarr1 


    AccountRight only has the capacity to email things it generates. For example, you can email out an invoice to your customers as that was generated in the software.

    In saying that, you can generate an email to a customer by opening the customer's card and selecting the Email button (bottom left of the Card Information window). Note: This is a single email to the customer, you are not able to bulk email to multiple customers using this method.

    Personally, if it was me and I needed to do a bulk email, I would be exporting out the customer's email addresses through the File>>Import/Export Assistant. This way you could obtain a list of those email addresses and then use an external email program to send that email. Help Article: Exporting data has more information on the exporting data process in AccountRight if you did want to go down this path.