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2 years ago

MYOB 2023.4

When I tried to access my files today  I was asked to updated ACCOUNT RIGHT to 2023.04 an dnow I can't access my files. seems like the software is still in version 2023.3 and files are in 2023.4???. "To open this company files, i need to update to AccountRight 2023.4 , this is the message I received.What should I do now? How can software be in 2023.3 and the file already in version 2023.4??? 

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    Hi elap,


    Thanks for posting.


    Generally, if the file is online it automatically asks you to upgrade to the newest version of AccountRight. At this point, we need to upgrade to Version 2023.4 the app usually prompts us if the update is ready. 


    If you are curious about the update here is the Help Article AccountRight releases to see what changes the update contains.