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Warning – watch out for fake (spam / phishing) emails pretending to be from MYOB

Hi Everyone

We do recommend that customers protect and be on the lookout for fake (spam/phishing) emails that do pretend to be from MYOB.  

When we are made aware of these situations we will be posting details on this thread to alert users. Past examples will also be available on Warning – watch out for fake (spam / phishing) emails pretending to be from MYOB


Here are some tips to protect yourself against fraudulent emails:

  • Only open emails from email addresses that you trust. Legitimate invoices from MYOB small business products will only come from or
  • Check that any links are valid before clicking on them. Links from genuine MYOB emails to external sites will always start with
  • Ask yourself if you expected to receive the email.
  • Check it against previous emails from the same company. Does the email address, design and style of writing match what you usually receive?
  • Ensure you have good anti-virus protection installed that is up-to-date and have firewalls in place.
  • Use common sense. If you’re not sure, use an external method of communication (such as a phone number from the company’s website) to contact the company that sent the email.

If you're unsure whether an email message from MYOB is genuine or if you’d like further clarification, please forward a copy of the email to or reach out to us via this forum, by starting a new post.  

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  • Hi Everyone

    We have received a few reports from individuals receiving malicious emails from MYOB using the email address via 

    Please note: is a valid email address, it used to email monthly invoices. The malicious emails are coming from via

    The emails we have been seeing contain a HTML attachment that directs them to an MYOB looking webpage and will ask for login details which are then used to gain access to your accounts.

    Attached is an example of the emails received:


    We urge you to please follow the tips in our original post, to protect yourself against fraudulent emails.