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4 years ago

Balance sheet out of balance

Hi,    I'm currently using AccountRight 2020.2 and my balance sheet is out of balance and the unbalanced figure is same as the balance of "historical adjustment" account. When running a trail balan...
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    4 years ago

    Hello RobertOke 


    Could you please confirm that your Total Equity - Net Assets = Historical Balancing figure, as shown in the image below?


    If this is the case for you, please give the following steps a try:

    1. Backup your file
    2. Go to the Setup Menu > Balances > Account Opening Balances
    3. Select an account with a $0 opening balance (take note of this account)
    4. Enter a $1 opening balance for this account and click 'OK'
    5. Go back to Setup Menu > Balances > Account Opening Balances and remove the $1 balance to make it $0
    6. Click 'OK'
    7. Run your balance sheet again and it should now balance.

    Please let me know if the above steps resolve this for you. If not, please send me a private message by clicking on this link and let me know the serial number of your account, and I will be in touch with additional instructions.