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4 years ago

Historical Balance appearing after upgrade 2020.3

For some reason - since yesterday's upgrade to 2020.3 I have a Historical Balancing amount on my balance sheet that makes no sense.   It has not appeared before, there's no journal entry that explai...
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    4 years ago

    Hi LaniOUP 


    Generally, a balance in the historical balancing account will occur when entering opening balances for your accounts, and the total assets don't match the total liabilities less total equity. Typically, this balance can be seen in Setup>>Balances>>Account Opening Balances - Amount left to allocate.


    The other way to get a balance in that account is through a journal entry i.e. that account has been used on a transaction. The best way to see if that is the case is to go to Find Transactions>>Account and search by that particular account for an extended date range i.e. 01/01/1900 - 31/12/9998. This will show you all transactions in the file for that account.

    In some cases, due to a balancing error in AccountRight, you will encounter a balance in the historical balancing account. Normally, this will be found by an out of balance on the Balance Sheet where the out of balance is that of the historical balancing account.


    If your balance sheet is out of balance due to this historical balancing amount, my recommendation  would be to attempt the refresh of the historical balancing account. I've included the steps below to achieve that task - do ensure that you take a backup of the company file before completing the task - File>>Backup:


    1. Go to Setup>>Balances>>Account Opening Balances
    2. Find an account in the list that has a zero balance
    3. Enter a $1 balance for that particular account before selecting OK
    4. Go back into the Account Opening Balance and remove that $1 from that particular account.

    What the above process will do is add a balance to an account, causing that value to be added to the historical balancing account and then removed that value from the account causing the historical balancing account to be recalculated.


    Do let us know how you get on and if you require further assistance.