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6 months ago

Improving Inventory Report Speed



I was wondering if anyone had any tips for improving the speed of generating inventory reports. We have about 17,000 SKUs and running reports on inventory items seem a bit sluggish. We were actually wondering if deactivating item codes we no longer use could speed things up at all?


Does company file size still have an impact on speed now that the file is cloud-hosted? Should we be doing things to try and shrink the size?

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  • Hi pdranken 


    Having 17k Items will definitely slow things down. Anything up to 5k is ok, after this performance degrades. Esp if using 'I Inventory' on all the items.


    And yes company file size definitely does have an impact - whether the file is held locally or online. And decline is not linear, depends on file specific factors.  One user with a file size of 1.5 GB will have minor performance issues, while another user with same file size will have major issues.


    De-activating items will make only minor difference, as MYOB often still processes the data, just doesn't display for inactive items. Best to delete items you no longer need. 


    Get in touch with FGH Tables - they can delete Items in bulk (even if the item has been used), they can also analyse your file for errors, duplicates, balance issues, etc and can reduce your file by purging old transactions. The smaller the file, the better the performance.




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      Thanks Gavin,


      I didn't think it was possible to entirely delete items that have appeared on an invoice or other doctype, is that still the case?

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        Hi pdranken 


        It can be done, however only with specialist software, which FGH Tables has access to.