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2 months ago

screen display

Morning, after the Tax Invoice column now sorted, thank you . I now am having an issue where I click on  the tab at the left to create Inv etc etc & it is being partially  hidden behind the body of ...
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    2 months ago

    Hi there Marcon


    I see the issue you're experiencing with the tab being partially hidden behind the screen. I've also received the picture you attached. I was able to replicate it and the other menu for Sales are not being hidden. Here's a screenshot.


    If you can just log out and then log back into your account, or you can also clear your browser cache, that would be perfect. As I checked on my end, there is no incident report regarding this issue, so most likely, this can be resolved by doing basic troubleshooting. If there's anything you need assistance with, feel free to drop us a post again.


    Best regards,