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11 months ago

How to Create a Custom Module

Hello,   My name is Bonnie and I am new to MYOB Advanced.   I am wanting to get some clarrification on something.   Is it possible to establish a module. So, the object/modules like Sales Order...
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    10 months ago

    Hi bonnielemay ,

    It's accessible to Full Users who have the "Customizer" role.

    The information for usage and learning is developer centric, and available using the developer links i already provided.


    I strongly recommend checking with your implementing partner about plans in this area, as customising is quite complicated and would usually done by trained developers. 


    It is possible to write customisations that break other parts of the package due to the level of flexibility and as such it isn't something we support end users with/something i can link to an easy guide for.

    In terms of the more cosmetic options, such as editing menus & workspaces to make accessing the information you need easier, there's a course in the Learning academy: