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2 years ago

MYOB Advance Payroll Advice - Allowance Setup Calculations

We currently run Accountright and STP2 has made processing multi-award and numerous allowances across mutiple project numbers and or leave provisions increases our timesheet and payroll processing by twenty-fold!


We have been on and off the phone with MYOB trying to get assistance with getting a proper demo of MYOB Advance Payroll to ensure a move to Advance does in fact assist and streamline the additional work load, but have gotten little to nowhere with them!


Does anyone here run Advanced Payroll that has set up individual employees across different awards with multiple allowances who can share their experience.  Can you set rates up to proportion/calculate automatically?


Any advice on the application would be appreciated, or if you are willing to talk directly, please let me know.



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  • Hi Paul, 


    Thank you for your post, 


    I have sent you a private message asking for some account information so I can get someone from MYOB to reach out to you.