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2 months ago

MYOB AO Validation report states return Accepted, ATO has not received return

I have a company return we lodged in May, that went through the normal process and the PLS report shows the return was lodged and accepted by the ATO as usual. However when on the client in the Online Services for Agents the ATO is still showing the return is not received and the return obviously now overdue. 

Is this an error with MYOB AO, do I try and manually change the return and lodge it again or is it more likely an issue with the ATO and try and contact them?

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  • Hi Shalimar!

    Where the return is showing as outstanding on the ATO portal - we would recommend manually changing the status of the return to Completed and lodging again.


    You can do this by opening the tax return, going to Lodgement > Update > IPTCF Forms > Single Return and selecting the status as 'In Progress’.

    You will receive a warning message advising that the return has already been lodged, please disregard this, and click OK.

    You will then need to open the Return Properties (icon in the very top right-hand corner of the return) and change the 'Return Lodged Via' section from P to E.

    You can then validate and complete the form again and lodge. If you need assistance with this process, please contact support on 1300 555 117.