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3 years ago

Superfund details invalid when accepted previously

When paying super message "Whoops, something went wrong - It looks like something went wrong with your payment:  The superfund details entered for .... are invalid..." We have not made any changes to the details for our two employees and their super payments were made in previous months without any issues.  We note that the difference between them and others is that they do not have a "Registerd Name".  The superannuation funds are: Asgard Elements Super Account 90194410365503/90 194 410 365 and Suncorp Brighter Super & Everyday Super 98350952022123/98 350 952 022.  Both are not appearing on the Registered Name drop down list?

  • Hi everyone

    All these funds have been added back to the list. Please restart your software and you should be able to make payments for them.


    Let me know how you go on. 

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    Hi Maria6062 


    Our teams are aware of this error when trying to pay super for Asgard and Suncorp super funds and are working on getting the correct details updated in the software. You will be notified once it's done.


    Thank you for your patience in the meanwhile.

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      How long will it be until the issue is resolved?

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        Hi DC26 

        I don't have an ETA at this stage but our teams are working on this at the highest priority and will update you as soon as it's fixed. 

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      It is also AMP Portfolio.