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3 months ago

tax returns not lodging

I have tax returns stuck in transmitting and they are not showing as lodged and coming up with the error -

Bad Request payload issue contact support. 


I have been on hold for over an hour with MYOB, the customer service is poor. This is ridiculous im feeling like its time for a change of software provider. 


I called this morning at 9:03am they opne at 9am and the wait time was 4 hours. Thats insane. 


Not happy. 

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  • Have had the same issue. This fixed it:


    Change status of tax return to Lodged

    Then change staus of return to In Progress

    Go into return, then into properties, in general at the bottom the return will have changed to a paper return, change it back to electronic. Click ok. Validate the return.

    You should then be able to lodge again as normal.

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      Thanks DanaCam

      This appears to be a current AO issue. Please note I am having the same issue in Dowloading Pre-fills. 

      I called support and their recorded message advises they are working on it.

      I guess I will wait and try later. 

  • I am having similar issue. I have check ATO online services and it seems all is operationally. Presume now it's an AO problem.