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2 years ago

Bank Feeds - Undo Customer Payment

Hi all,  (I'll summarise with the process)   1) within bank feeds, apply recieved payment to a customer 2) click 'undo'     3) Popup notification - This payment had a prompt payment discount of ...
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    2 years ago

    Hi Dean- 


    When selecting Undo on a match you are selecting to undo the match to that transaction. The AccountRight matched transaction remains in the software.

    If you need to also remove that AccountRight transaction you would open that payment transaction, in this case the Receive Payments transaction, and select Edit>>Delete transaction. This will remove the transaction from AccountRight. 


    In terms of the warning message relating to the prompt payment discount. This typically occurs when you have a discount added to the terms of the invoice and the customer pays the invoice off in full before the discount due date. The reason for the warning on this situation as it is to alert you to the fact that a discount has been applied which in turn creates a credit note, which may also need to be deleted (if required).