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3 years ago

Bank feeds still duplicating and no response from MYOB

I Have posted before on this and tried ringing MYOB, Sorry dont have an hour wait time.

MYOB have fixed once last year now again duplicate transactions on bank feeds in January.



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  • Hi

    I also have duplicate bank feeds from 02-12-2021 - 10-12-2021 but they only appeared today when I clicked on get bank transactions. I have 9 transactions duplicated during this period. If I hide these will it affect anything or will MYOB make them disappear (like they made them appear!)


    Same as above, I dont have 2 hrs to wait on phone or 3 weeks to wait for email response.


    Hoping to get some answers again soon.

    Thank you and regards, 

    Small business operator

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      our bank feeds have been duplicated as well 3/3/2022 hide not an option

      when it appears to affect general ledger and pay more tax or gst then we have a problem as quotes were counted as income yearrs before 


      how about lowering your product cost $120. 00 a month is getting silly for that you want 1st grade attention with few errors. Brillant customer service, no wait times, quick fixes  

      your old desktop version was faster. your online version is slow when you are entering large amounts of data and with multiple screens. 

      if i wanted an online version i would have gone with zero but i choose myob because it was offline........... and private with no file coruptions. 

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        Hi flid 


        You may be eligible for a months free subscription under the Bank Feeds Guarantee.



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      Hi jackieA


      Thanks for your post. You will need to hide these duplicate transactions, it's only the AccountRight transactions that are included in reports, balances and the reconcile accounts window, as such, hiding the bank feeds won't have any affect on your business data. 

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        Hi Melisa, That is not true. Just hiding transaction is ok if they are not automatically matched.  Because they are automatically matched, the amounts are doubled up in the general ledger. 


        I only figured this out that there is something wrong when I was filing my GST return and it was way over what I expected.


        This is a quite a big problem.  You really need to take it seriously and understand the impact this is having on businesses.  And address it urgently before 31 of March - end of year.

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    Yes I have exactly the same problem.  Additionally, I've got line items in my bank that have vanised on the reconciliation page, but still showing in the ledger.  I read on the site a few weeks ago not to delete the double entries as they were being looked at by MYOB but now this seems to have developed into an even larger issue.  Now I'm on the phone trying to resolve it all and I'm unable to restore old backups.  Any resolution yet MYOB?  2 hours 15 minutes on the phone and counting.

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      Hi Wookie 


      Duplicate bank feed transactions in the Bank feeds window need to be hidden by right clicking on the transaction and selecting Hide transaction. Duplicate AccountRight transactions need to be deleted or reversed.


      If you have AccountRight transactions not appearing in the Reconcile accounts window it indicates they have already been reconciled. You will need to check previous reconciliations, undo reconciliations as required, delete/reverse any duplicates and then re-do the reconciliations.


      Please let me know if you need further help.

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        Hi Tracey, 

        I have also tried to contact MYOB by phone. After 2 hours I hung up.

        I have 12 transactions from December 2021 that have been duplicated by the bank feed system. I have hiden the duplicated feeds and deleted the duplicate transactions. My December account is reconciled and correct.


        However, all is not solved. The calculated balance on the Bank Feed is incorrect and is therefore showing an out of balance amount on the Bank Feeds Window. Just hiding the transactions does not correct the balance. 

        Unless we repair the problem we will never be able to check that the bank feed is correct by using the bank feed balance.

        How do we delete the incorrect bank feed transactions to enable a $0.00 calculated balance within bank feeds?

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      Hi sledgeBayBags


      Thanks for your posts. If you have duplicates between the 1/12/21-11/12/21 our teams have advised to hide these bankfeed transactions, further communication on  this will go out on this topic. 

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        Hey Melisa_D 


        My understanding is that the duplicates will continue to download each time you use the Get Transactions function, an t hat all users still experiencing this need to call,MYOB with their serial numbers, so the problem can be rectified.


        Is this correct?

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      I have the same problem.  It seems if you allocate one from the bank feed you can then delete it and then allocate the second identical bank feed.  Not a great work around and not sure if it will create problems later. Otherwise can apparently send emails to myob and they will delete the mirrored feed...

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        Yes I tried that and now it's created other issues.  Double entries on the other side while this one is fixed.  :)