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3 years ago

transactions duplicated in MYOB feed

MYOB has imported 2 duplicate transactions and I thought I had deleted them from the reconcile account page but now they are appearing in my current bank feeds again. How do I delete these permanently?

  • Hi Lib


    Thank you for the screenshot. I've spoken to our bankfeeds team and they have advised that those transactions will need to be hidden, you can do this by right clicking the bankfeed transaction and selecting hide. 


    Do let me know how you go. 

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  • Hi Lib


    Thanks for your post. Can you please confirm if it is only the bankfeeds that have duplicated ? Also, are the original bankfeeds for these transactions still reconciled and matched ? 

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      Hi Melisa,


      Thanks for your response. Yes I matched and reconciled the original transactions. I noticed the duplicates when I was trying to reconcile (which is where I thought I had deleted them). And yes it is only 2 transactions that have duplicated in the bank feeds.



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        Hi Lib


        Thanks for confirming that. Can you please attach a screenshot of the duplicates so I can take a look into this for you.