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2 years ago

Bank Reconcillation suddenly showing old transactions


I'm reconciliing our company debit card account which I do daily. It usually has one or two transactions. However this morning over 100 transactions are appearing that have been previously reconcilled; the earliest transactions date back to Feb 2021, two years ago!  Its only this one account and not the other other accounts where this has occured.

If I tick them all, it does not reconcile with my current balance. 

If I leave them unticked, then my current transaction reconciles with the current bank statement.

However, I can't leave 100+ transactions sitting unticked forever, so how can this be fixed wihout me needing to un-do and re-reconcile two years worth of transactions?




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    2 years ago

    I have resolved this now - however I didn't need to undo two years worth of daily reconcilations to do so, based on the issue we had which was a relief!


    Our Issue was this: Our current rec balanced, but we suddenly discovered many previously-reconciled transactions with old dates also showing, and should you tick them,  the bank rec will become un-balanced.  


    In our case, all I needed to do was delete all the transactions that had suddenly appeared. This is because I found they were automated "double-ups" of transactions that had previously been reconciled.  I suspect this happened after changing my settings to "automatically reconcile transactions" a few days prior. Despite having bank feeds for our bank account, we actually manually enter our transactions.. Therefore, after I changed the settings things got doubled up. To check  your settings go to:   SetUp > Preferences > Banking >  "Auto-Approve bank transactions matched to MYOB transactions (system wide).   This box was accidently ticked causing the double ups to appear next time we tried to do a bank rec.


    Deleting the transactions isn't for everyone's case -  it may only work if you can see that the transactions are on MYOB are actually double ups. Upon first looking into this, there were no double ups but they did eventually show up which is strange.


    I hope this answer helps others out.



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  • Hello jsweld 


    Thank you for your post. 


    In some instances, we have seen users who do a future-dated bank reconciliation and then undo that to resolve this issue. 

    Otherwise, what you will need to do is undo the ban reconciliations and redo them and this should balance the bank reconciliation.

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      Hi Chris

      Thanks for your reply and advice. I tried the future reconcilation then undoing it, but that sadly didn't work on this occasion.

      I'm reluctant to undo two years of daily reconcilations so I'm hoping to find another workaround before I go down that painful route!




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        Hello jsweld 


        I can understand the hesitation to move forward with undoing the reconciliations. 


        Since the future dated reconciliation did not resolve the out of balance. You are going to need to undo the reconciliations and redo them to make them balance.