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12 months ago

clear old transactions

I have transaction from 2002 that I cannot clear from the electronic funds account for payroll.

Keeps coming up with no bank details recorded and of course nothing can be altered to clear them from the list.


I just want them off the list, as they have been there for so long.




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  • Hi LenaC1


    Thanks for reaching out. 


    Sorry to hear about your difficulties in electronic clearing account. May I confirm if these transactions are still seen inside the prepare electronic payments window? Generally, the electronic fund for payroll is just a loading account, so after processing a pay run as electronic you still need to create an electronic payment to make sure the charges go to the right bank account. 


    We look forward to your response. If you have any other concerns or questions feel free to include them in your next response. 




  • Hi LenaC1


    Feel free to send us more details about your concern if it still persists. We're happy to help.