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4 years ago

Close financial year

Hi there,


I'm the new bookkeeper for our company. I've just closed off our financial year from 2019-2020. However, I note that from 2018 onward, all transactions can still be changed. I thought closing off our financial year would change this, but it hasn't.

I've closed MYOB and restarted both my computer and MYOB itself, but that hasn't seemed to solve the problem.


Can anyone help?



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    4 years ago

    Hi PriscillaJ 


    Unfortunately, at this stage, locking the period is the only alternative as that will give an error message when someone tries to change a transaction in that period.


    The arrows might be blue for few transactions in the lock period, but when an attempt is made to change them, the following error will be displayed and change will not be recorded:



    Please feel free to post should you have any concerns. 

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    Hi Priscilla

    Hanging around waiting on my own answer!

    In your Set up menu under preferences - on the security tab you can lock Period to prevent entries prior to a date of your choosing


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      Hi Sue,


      Thanks for your response :)


      While this is useful information, it doesn't seem to be quite what I am looking for. Just to clarify, I've closed off a financial year, but the transactions within that year still have blue arrows next to them, meaning they can be changed. I'm looking for a way to make the arrows grey.


      Thanks :)


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        I'll leave you to the experts then.  Hopefully they can help, if you have found that tweak does not produce the desired result, it might be there is a bigger issue.