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2 years ago

Unallocate Transactions

There are lots of 2020-2022 unallocated transactions showing up when I tried to process the bank reconciliation. I definitely sure those transactions had already been reconciled.


Also I found that the cloud MYOB bank balance does not match with the balance with MYOB software that I downloaded.

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    Hi AmyWong 


    Thank you for your post. First thing I would do is to find out the correct balance and if it is out of balance since it is not matching with the browser version. 


    It is possible that some of these unallocated transaction is not yet allocated. If there is an out of balance, what we can do is to undo reconciliation and reconcile again. If your balance in the AccountRight desktop version is all correct, we can just hide the unallocated bank transactions.


    Additional to this, we have this Help Article, that has detailed information to assist with out of balance bank reconciliations.


    Please feel free to post again I'm happy to assist.


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  • hi AmyWongPrincess_R 


    It would also be a good idea to search in find transactions and see if there has been a double up.


    I have numerous clients who can't find something when reconciling and create another entry and then reconcile that one.