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2 years ago

bank feeds

I posted a message regarding bank feeds last week, got a reply and was told it would be fixed. it sort of was fixed. all my allocations for a month were removed and the previous allocations were added to another account. 


When I asked asked for this to be fixed, they directed me to a private message with requests for serial nos etc. Only, when you try to do that ,you cant? If you go on Google and ask how do you send private messages to MYOB, you find pages of people asking the same thing? so you go on and post publically, throwing privacy to the wind, and you get this back


Sorry, this email address is not monitored and your reply will not be answered.


Please post your reply directly on the MYOB Community Forum at
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We look forward to seeing you back on the Community Forum soon!


This email and any attachment are confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify MYOB by reply email and delete this email. Please note that you must not access or use this email or any information in it. MYOB accepts no liability for viruses in this email or in any attachment to it."


what do i do now?

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    Hi BarryM1

    Thanks for reaching out. 


    Generally, when a moderator asks you to send them a private message it contains a link. If it doesn't have a link we could click on the name of the person and on their profile click "send message" or hover over their name and there should be an option to send messages. The option to send a message however is not going to show up if you aren't logged in yet. 


    Let me know if you encountered issues while trying to send a message for us to assist.