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2 months ago

Bank Transactions Screen default dates wrong

Every time I go to the Bank Transactions s screen (from the Dashboard or directly), the display period defaults to a calendar year.   If I hit the reset button, it will adjust it to the last 3 ...
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    2 months ago

    Hi dave_c,


    As I understand it, the web app should remember your filters. When you close and return to the bank transaction window, your filters should still be in place. If the app isn't remembering your filters, it might be an issue with your browser cache. I recommend clearing your browser cache, setting up the filter in the bank transaction window, closing the window, and then returning to see if the filters are retained.


    If the issue persists after clearing the cache, it might be best to reach out to support for proper troubleshooting. You can connect with our virtual assistant, MOCA, for prompt support through this link: If MOCA can't help, you'll be automatically directed to our live chat team.


    Let us know if you need any other assistance.