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3 years ago

how to stop automatically allocating payments- too many errors

Hi, how can i turn off auto allocations of payments to invoices?

it constantly incorrectly identifies invoices and incorrectly attributes payments, so that i dont see that certain invoices are in fact overdue, and then when allocating a payment covering 74 invoices, and cannot reconcile it because several invoices they are paying do not appear as being 'open', i have to start all over again, and go find the missing invoices, then delete the incorrect payment from them, and go reallocate that payment to the correct invoice... then, go back and start reallocating the original payment to the 74 invoices. 

it is particularly galling when i have sent overdue reminders to clients as a result of myob incorrect allocation

really makes my life easier

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    Hi ms4 


    In MYOB Business you can turn off automatic allocate/match via Banking > Bank Rules.


    I'd like to mention that if you haven't tried it already, it's worth exploring the option of creating bank rules to help better allocate/match transactions, this Help page will provide you with more details should you be interested: Matching bank transactions.


    If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out.