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2 years ago

Matching Transactions to Bills

Hi Team, 


I am having trouble with matching bills to my bank transactions. 


Sometimes when there are a couple of bank transactions for the same bill, I go into match transactions and then all transactions, and match the bills that way.


However sometimes all the bills  I have created are not there, or they show up in there sometimes but not every time I go into it. It seems to be consistent as to when they do or dont show up.


For example currently a payroll transaction seems to only be there sometimes, and not when I need it to be! Ie not when I am in the bank trasaction that I want to  match it too.


What am I doing wrong?




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    Hi Lisa (Lisa1231


    Welcome to the Community Forum. There are a few things that the Bank Feeds looks for when you search for a match. If the data is different for some bills and not others, that could account for why it comes up as a match seemingly inconsistently. 


    Here are some things to check:

    • The transaction has the same date and amount as the bank transaction
    • The bank account is the same one used on the bill or pay run 
    • The transaction is not marked off already or reconciled (you can check this by opening Reconcile Accounts and check if it comes up - If it's ticked or not there it will not show as a possible match)


    Hope that helps explains how it all works. 


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