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2 months ago

Manual bank transaction matching is not working

The manual "match transaction" feature is not finding amounts transferred from one bank account to the other - same day, same amount, even if I search for it.   how do I match these transactions off?


  • Thank you for your attention in this matter.  I worked it out.   Allocate me does work if you use Transfer Money instead of Match Transactions.   This problem is resolved.  

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    Hi bevmacl


    Thanks for your post and the screenshot. Looking at it, I see there's a transaction at the bottom that matches the $799.60 amount. If you're manually matching transactions, you need to select the transaction below and click 'allocate me' to match it. But if you want this transaction to automatically match, you should go to Banking > Bank Rules and choose the option to 'Automatically match bank transactions to MYOB bills and invoices'. You can find more information in this article about how bank transaction matching works in MYOB Business.


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      I'm sorry First option the 'allocate me' solution does not work.  


      Second option 'Automatically match bank transactions to MYOB bills and invoices'. - this is not a bill or an invoice.    It is supposed to work like the Manual matching instructions in the link you provided - it is not finding the possible matches

      "If there isn’t an automatic match, (for example because of a rounding difference in the amounts), or you'd like to match one bank feed transaction to multiple MYOB transactions, click Possible match found to view the possible matches. To help find matching transactions, use the ShowContact and Search fields. Select one or more transactions to match the bank feed transaction to then click Save:

      Matching a grouped payment to multiple invoices

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        Hi bevmacl,


        Thanks for your response.


        When you receive a bank feed, MYOB aims to automatically pair transactions from your fees with existing MYOB records. If there are no recorded MYOB transactions, you have the option to manually match them. If you don't find a corresponding transaction for your bank transaction, I recommend ensuring that the transactions you're attempting to match aren't reconciled or marked as checked in the reconcile accounts window, as this could hinder the process. If manual matching proves unsuccessful, you can allocate bank transactions directly to one or more of your accounts. Please refer to the Help article below for guidance on how matching bank transactions works.

        Also, feel free to explore our Community Forum post for tips on how to ensure a transaction appears in the match transaction window.


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