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21 days ago

Error trying to process a credit



I'm having an issue with MYOB while trying to process a credit from a supplier.


I am in the refrigeration trade and any used refrigerant gas we reclaim from refrigeration equipment we get a credit from the supplier when refrigerant cylinder is returned.


So when I receive a bill from the supplier regarding Reclaim cylinder x 1 with $0 value (we only pay a monthly rental fee which I have setup an another item to record that fee record) I enter the item in the bill (as I have set it up in my inventory item) with 0$ and when the goods are receipted in from the bill I create the inventory will update item as x 1 on hand. 


When the the cylinder is full we return the cylinder and we get a credit for the used refrigerant as a negative value. 


I know I'm doing this wrong but when I try to create a new credit bill and enter a credit for the returned cylinder with a negative value I get a non-zero value.


I think it's because I've receipted the cylinder with a zero value into inventory and now when I return the item and take it out of inventory there's a value on that shows no item on hand?


Any help please. Thanks.

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  • Hello,


    It sounds like you’re dealing with supplier credits in MYOB, specifically related to the returned refrigerant cylinders. Let’s break down the process and find a solution:

    Supplier Debits (Credits):
    A supplier debit, also known as a debit note, supplier credit, or adjustment note, represents money that a supplier owes you. For instance, if you receive damaged goods, you might return them to the supplier, who then refunds you the purchase value or applies the amount to other unpaid purchases.
    To process a supplier debit, you need to record the debit transaction and then settle it (e.g., by recording a refund cheque from your supplier).
    Handling Supplier Credits for Returned Cylinders:
    When you receive a bill from the supplier regarding a reclaimed cylinder with a $0 value (since you only pay a monthly rental fee), you enter this item in the bill with a $0 amount.
    Upon receipt of the goods from the bill, you update your inventory to reflect one cylinder on hand.
    When you return a full cylinder, you receive a credit for the used refrigerant, which is a negative value.
    Correcting the Issue:
    It seems that you’re encountering a non-zero value when creating a new credit bill for the returned cylinder with a negative value.
    To address this, consider the following steps:
    Reverse the Existing Purchase:
    If you’ve already paid for the entire HealthCareGov purchase (i.e., the cylinder with a $0 value), you can reverse it entirely.
    Alternatively, you can manually create a debit for part of the purchase (e.g., the used refrigerant).
    Creating a Supplier Debit (Credit):
    To manually create a debit for the used refrigerant, follow these steps:
    Go to your MYOB account.
    Create a new bill (or debit note) for the supplier.
    Enter the reclaimed cylinder as a negative line item (e.g., -1 cylinder) with the appropriate unit price (negative value).
    This will allow you to process the supplier return and adjust your inventory accordingly.
    Inventory Adjustment:
    Since you initially receipted the cylinder with a zero value into inventory, ensure that you adjust your inventory correctly when returning the item.
    If there’s still a value showing for an item on hand, review the inventory transactions and ensure that the adjustments match the actual returned quantity.