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3 years ago

How do I lodge a formal complaint

How do I lodge a formal complaint?


The customer service we have received this year has been attroctious.


We have tried both the customer service email and phone lines only to be given wrong inform, ignored, or be cut off after being on the phone for over an hour.


I have been shocked at how bad the service has been.

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    Hi JoannaS 


    Sorry to hear the experience you had with our support recently hasn't been satisfactory. You can lodge your complaint by going to our Contact page and scroll down to the Feedback & Complaints option.


    I'd like to mention that there isn't email support for MYOB Business/Essentials, you can seek help from the in product Help, our Help page knowledge base, phone support, LiveChat and this very community forum. You are welcome to post any questions here, our experienced forum users and moderators are more than happy to assist. Hopefully one of the methods can be useful for you.