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2 years ago


MYOB's support is disgusting. Everytime you ring, you get to some consultants who will say  they have to transfer the call to the " relevant department" and then it is always a 1 to 3 hours wait, which the consultant proudly states "it is normal" as we are busy. Most of the time the call will the drop out before it gets to the " relevant department". 


I just rang twice regarding an issue with back up file not showing when I try to save to MYOB Library although the file was saved successfully and is visible on my computer. First call  was transferred to "Account Right" department and after 45 minutes, call dropped. Second call went to a Michael after more than an hour and and he told me I could not be verified as I had provided incorrect information - the same information I have been providing and was succesfully  verified countless times!!!!! After 30 minutes, he kept saying I am trying to "process" information at my end and surprised surprised, call then dropped. Of course, no call back from them.


I am already looking into recommending a Xero or some other accounting software and I am truly fed up with MYOB. Whenever I ask for  a  transfer to supervisor or complaints e-mail address  - the responded is always, go to our community page. Whar a joke MYOB, how can you still be in business!!!!

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    Glad to hear that's worked ! Users that have been invited to the file previously that have a USER ID and Password should still be able to sign into the file. If you're an administrator you should be able to access the file as Administrator with no password, if it asks for a password then a password has been created for the administrator role. 

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  • Hi PECH


    I'm really sorry to hear about the experience you've had. If you wish to offer additional feedback on this, you're welcome to do so via the Feedback & Complaints channel on our Contact us page.


    I'm happy to help with your query, are you able to provide me with some more information on your back up issue. Does the file restore successfully ? Can you provide me with the steps you're taking so I can investigate further. 

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      Hi Melisa,


      Thanks for the quick response.


      I backed up successfully  into my desktop computer but when I try to open the MYOX file, I get the error message " windows cannot complete extraction. Destination File could not be created. I also did the same back up on my laptop and had the same issue. Have tried updating windows update, still no joy.


      I then tried to add the back up  into MYOB library but  the back up file is not visible although I could view it on my laptop and desktop.


      Its frustrating.

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        Hi PECH


        To open the file it would need to be opened within AccountRight, can you please confirm which version of AccountRight you're using and are you accessing the file via a server or a local computer ?