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3 months ago

Increase font size within MYOB display screen



Can you please add the option for MYOB to increase the font size.


I have changed my Windows system to increase the font size. Everything else has increased font size, but MYOB does not change. I've purchased super sized screens, but that doesn't increase the font size in MYOB. 


My team make mistakes, and I see everyone leaning forward and squintting at the screens trying to read the font.


The font size in MYOB seems to be around 6-8pt which is very small. 


This should be something that MYOB fixes based on accessability issues. MYOB should not be only available to people with 20/20 vision. 

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    Hi FionaMiriam


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I get that the small font size in MYOB is a bit of a hassle for you and your team. Sadly, tweaking your Windows settings or using bigger screens won't fix this because the software has set fonts. But your input is really important to us. If you could, please share your idea on the AccountRight Ideas Exchange board for consideration.


    Meanwhile, if you're working online, you could try using the browser version. There, you can adjust the font size in the browser settings to make it easier to read.


    Feel free to post again anytime you require further assistance. 

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    Kind regards,

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      Hi Shella


      I went to post this on the exchange board. But I noticed that this suggestion has already been made, many years ago and had 176 likes. Thats the first one I came across, i'm sure if I kept looking their would be more. 


      So I can take from that MYOB has no interest in making its software accessible to those who are vision impaired. That is very disappointing. I imagine your loyal user base is getting older now, and with that comes decreased vision, you might just want to start catering to them.