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3 months ago

Just another day in the life of an MYOB user...

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    3 months ago

    Hi all.


    Sorry for the delayed response on this thread.


    Shella_A, thank you for your input.  Nevertheless, clearing my cache and cookies every single time this happens is not an efficient way to work.


    I have however, found a workaround for this persistent pesky error.  Albeit, I haven't been able to stop the errors entirely, they now only happen from time to time.  E.g. when the MYOB servers went down the other day.


    For the benefit of the community, there are two cookies that seem to cause the identified issue.


    1. the BFF (Backend for Frontend) Platform cookie [On-device], and
    2. the New Relic Data Collection cookie [Embedded data]

    They are titled:


    I changed the settings for these two cookies to "Not to save data to this device", by going to:

    • View Site Information [the little button to the left of the page URL address]
    • Cookies and site data
    • Manage on-device site data
    • Click the vertical ellipsis to the right of the cookie
    • Select - Don't allow to save data


    I've attached a couple of snippings if needed.


    I hope people find this helpful.  It was annoying the heck out of me, but it seems to be fine now.


    Have a good one.