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4 months ago

Transferring from MYOB Business Payroll Only to Business Pro and Seeting up Migration

I have signed into my account and Set up Business Pro from my old MYOB Business Payroll Only.  I was informed in an email enquiry last week that when I had set up my new Pro account, all the current ...
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    4 months ago

    Hi ABase35,


    It's great to have you here in the Community Forum!


    Thanks for reaching out. As per further checking, the file from your MYOB Business Payroll Only is not automatically migrated because your MYOB Business Pro created a new serial number. Your old subscription should just be upgraded so that files will still remain with the same serial number.


    Here are the following steps you can take to resolve this:

    1. Upgrading your MYOB Business Payroll Only subscription into Business Pro, steps, and a guide on how to do this are available in this helpful article: Manage your MYOB subscription.
    2. Export the date from your new serial number under MYOB Business Pro, then process a cancellation after. Steps and a guide on how to do this are available in this helpful article: Cancelling your MYOB subscription.
    3. Import the date to the old serial number, which is the newly upgraded subscription (MYOB Business Payroll Only).


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