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15 days ago

Importing GL payroll from ADP

I have moved my payroll to ADP which includes staff pays, super, and PAYG.  ADP have provided General Ledger Data Files of the transactions (TXT) with the MYOB GL codes I provided them. How to I import this information into MYOB so that I can reconcile all the payments and run reports? Thanks

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    Hi there jgot


    When it comes to importing data into MYOB Business, keep in mind that MYOB currently supports importing limited data. You can check this link here for more information. Feel free to create a post again if there's anything you need assistance with.


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    My problem now is that I have a list of transactions in MYOB that correspond to pays, super or PAYG payments.  As the payroll function is now outsourced I don't know how to code these transactions correctly so that MYOB can still generate reports.  If MYOB can't import the ADP GL data then do you have any other alternative solutions? Does anyone else use an external payroll company and still maintain MYOB for their accounting reports?  

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      Hi jgot,


      Thanks for your response! MYOB does not handle third-party integrations directly, and the import and export features might not cover everything you need. As for coding these transactions correctly, it's recommended to consult with a bookkeeper or accountant who can provide guidance tailored to your needs.


      Feel free to get in touch if you need more help.