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3 months ago


Hi,   In "create super payment" screen message comes up "some information is incorrect or missing" When I click on details of what is missing I get this message;   This fund can no longer recei...
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    3 months ago

    Hi Soaringeagle,


    Thank you for your post.


    In most cases, this error message indicates that the super fund has either updated its details or is no longer registered with APRA. If everything appears correct, it's possible that the fund details have become corrupted.


    To assist you in resolving this, you'll need to recreate the superfund. You will get a warning about the name already existing. Simply add a character at the end of the superfund name, update the USI/SPIN and ABN with the correct information, save the changes, and link this newly created superfund to the employee. After completing these steps, try processing Pay Super again.


    Feel free to post anytime you need further assistance.


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