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11 months ago

How to create a report of all invoices with a specific item number?

Good afternoon,   I am wanting to know how to create a report of all invoices for a specific time, that have a specific item number?   How can I do this please?  
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    11 months ago

    Hi wencliff


    Thank you for posting to the Community Forum. 


    My understanding is that we are trying to generate a report that has a list of invoices for transactions with item numbers. Unfortunately, there is no report that could have this specific information. I would recommend running the Item Transactions report, this would show the list of items and the transactions that involved those items selected in a certain period. Also, we could try running the Sales Item detail report under the sales report. Here are help articles Sales reports and Inventory reports to know more information about the reports. 


    Let us know if you require any further assistance with this.