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2 years ago

General ledger link - LEAP

Unable to sync from LEAP to MYOB. 


Just started yesterday. Never had this issue before & there were no changes in passwords , etc made to MYOB.


Still coming up with status "error" after sync. None of the transactions went through.


Please assist, thank you.

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    Im having this exact problem.  So frustrating. Did you have any success?

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      It seems that we are not the only one. There are others experiencing the same issue. The support is looking into it. Let you know if there is any updates!

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        Former Staff

        Hi Everyone, 


        Thanks for your posts. If you're experiencing an error when trying to sync Leap to MYOB, this is something that you would need to check with Leap as it is a third-party software integration. 


        Please let me know how it goes. 

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      Issue now resolved. We managed to sync all the transactions already.


      All the best!