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2 months ago

Item appearing in GL code, but nothing coded to that GL account within the invoice

I have two invoices that are showing as having $29.00 entered against GL 5-2150 Misc Corporate which is a purchase GL code, not sales.. However when I click on the sales invoice number and go to the invoice, nothing within the sales invoice has been coded to that account? 
How can I fix this? Can I just do a journal crediting the incorrect code and putting where it should be? (although I am not sure where this $29.00 has come from)

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  • Hi GoosesAccounts 


    These are the Cost of Sales entries. That account 5-2150 will be the account listed on the Item Profile tab. If you are not familiar with this, I suggest you spend some time in the Support section for the software you are using and read up on perpetual inventory in MYOB or using 'I Inventory' etc.




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    Hi GoosesAccounts,


    Thanks for your post and for providing the sample screenshot. Indeed, you can do a journal crediting the incorrect code and putting it where it should be if you want to. I also recommend checking the linked accounts for the items and how they are being set up. There's a possibility that it is just on the linked account. On your dashboard, you may go to Accounting> Manage linked accounts.


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