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2 years ago

foreign currency creditor payment

Hi, When we enter foreign currency creditor payment into the system, what is the currency taht we need to use in the amount field . ex. if we pay USD to supplier , Inv USD $100 and in AUS $132.97 ....
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    2 years ago

    The Amount value is in the currency of the Supplier. So, in your example, you would enter 100.00 in the Amount field as the invoice is USD $100. In the Exchange Rate field, you would enter the exchange rate at which your bank processed the payment, e.g. 0.752. The system will automatically convert the USD to AUD based on this exchange rate.


    Here is an example of paying a Creditor based in Singapore. The Creditor Invoice is SGD $100, with the exchange rate of 1.35, which is converted to AUD $47.07.