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3 months ago

Autobuild when stock on order creates a negative net on hand value

We have outstanding orders for stock not yet made so when opening the auto-build items screen MYOB automatically enters the quantiy of the out of stock items to meet the outstanding orders.  Is there a way to turn this feature off as we always have to remember to delete these values when using the autobuild feature.

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  • Hi Azza77,


    Thank you for your post and patience in waiting for a response.


    We appreciate your feedback and understand your concern about the auto-build feature in AccountRight. After checking the preferences and other settings, it appears that this is indeed a product limitation. However, your suggestion to have an option to turn off this feature is excellent. We highly recommend that you post this idea on our Product ideas board. This platform is closely monitored by our developers, and they consider these suggestions for future product updates.


    Please feel free to start a new post if you require further assistance.