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2 months ago

Can i customise an item report by date

Is there a report I can run, that identifies items used by date order.  For example we keep metal plates for printing, each plate has an item number. We would like to run a report to show which items have been used over the last 7 years.  Any reports I have attempted to run just give me either last two years comparison or a point in time, not a date range, also I only need report per total not per customer.  


Any help would be appreciated.



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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi Sharon2311,

    Thanks for your post. You can generate the Item Register Detail Report to view all inventory items used in transactions within a specific date range. This report provides detailed information about these transactions. For more details, refer to this help article. Inventory reports

    Feel free to post again, we're happy to help!

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      Thankyou for your response, unfortunately it has not solved my request.  To be more detailed my request is quite industry specific. So I will try my best to explain.  We are a printing company that uses metal printing plates to print.  Each Printing plate has been set up with an item number.  I am trying to achieve a report that shows me what item number have not been used for the last 7 years, so I want to be able to put in a date range and show which items have not been used (on a invoice), or a complete list that show what has been used, and what has not. ie a zero balance would indicate no use, a dollar value a plate that has been used. I have tried to run a item Register summary and /or detail, however it comes up no data available, could this be because of how it was set up?  I have also tried to run a sales history by customer, this is what I could use, if i could run it via item aswell or instead of by customer.




      If you could offer any advise that would be great

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        MYOB Moderator

        Hi Sharon2311


        Thanks for the follow-up question.


        The Item Sales History report seems to be the closest match to the report you're seeking. However, you may need to reduce the number of columns to fit the page if you're not exporting to Excel.


        If this report doesn't provide the information you're looking for, we recommend posting this as a suggestion on the Ideas Exchange board for our development team to consider.


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