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3 years ago

Multi currency with online company file

We have Accountright Premier 2022.5 and are looking at moving to STP phase 2.  Our company file is not currently online as we had previous issues with using multi currency when the file was moved online.  


If we move the company file online will the functionality when accessing from the desktop be the same as with the offline file?  Is it only when accessing through a web browser that multi currency may not be available?

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  • Hi karkcm12 


    If your file is online, and you access it via AR2022 (as opposed to the browser) the functionality will be the same as accessing via AR2022 over your network.


    However processing may be slower, and access will depend on both the internet and MYOB servers being available, users do report access problems from time to time.


    If you cannot or do not want to store your comapny file online (many users don't), there are other options to report STP Phase 2. See here for example.