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2 years ago

GST rejected by IRD

"Your GST return could not be pre-filled because Inland Revenue returned the following error(s): IRD response code: 4, Error Message: Unauthorised delegation, Error Description: No error description available."


How can I rectify this situation? Is this an MYOB issue or an Inland Revenue issue?


I am using Essentials for this company ,


however I also use AR Premier for another company, and AR for a third.


no login screen is offered to login to MY IRD how is this corrected?


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    Hi Nicola (TuiTLC)

    Thank you for your post. This usually occurs when the Email logon used for IRD are not assigned with access/permissions to myIR.


    If you log in to myIR and check if the email you are using on Essentials, is the same as who has access to the account. This should be under - settings/access > logins tab.

    If that has been checked and still experiencing this error, can you please send the following details via Private Message so I can investigate further:

    • Serial number
    • Business name
    • Your name and email address used to log in 
    • Last 3 digits of your IRD number   
    • The date and time at which you received the error 
    • A screenshot of the whole page (showing the URL in the address bar) 

    If my response has answered your enquiry please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information.