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8 months ago

GST return summary figures don't match GST return

I am preparing my GST and the Purchases and expenses figure on the GST return Summary don't match the figures on the ready to file GST return, how do I find out what the issue is?

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    Hi FFR 

    Are you using MYOB Business? Go into reports - reporting and GST and find the GST report that you can expand to see which transactions make up the rturn. Make sure your accounting basis is correct too.

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      Thanks for your help Jennie :-)

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        Hi FFR
        Thanks for your post and welcome here to the Community Forum.


        We are glad that you found this forum a wealth of knowledge. We regret that you have experienced challenges with the GST and the Purchases and expenses figure that does not match to the GST return. We are thankful that Jennie was able to provide a resolution to your concern. We truly value your patience and effort during this time. We will be closing the thread now. If you encounter any other issues, please feel free to start a post again and one of our moderators will attend to it.