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2 years ago

Error posting journal in NZ payroll 2023.1

Is anything being done about this error , seems like a lot of people over the past few weeks have been experiencing this and there is no fix thus far.
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    4 months ago

    The "Error posting journal in NZ payroll 2023.1" was a known issue affecting users of MYOB AccountRight with the New Zealand Payroll extension version 2023.1. This bug prevented journals from automatically posting after processing payroll, causing frustration and manual work for users.

    The issue was primarily caused by:

    Outdated SDK files: These files facilitate communication between the payroll software and the accounting software. In this case, outdated versions caused compatibility issues. you can use the whatsapp ad


    Fortunately, MYOB released a fix in the form of an updated installer containing necessary SDK files. Here's what you can do:

    Uninstall current NZ Payroll 2023.1: This step is crucial to ensure a clean installation.

    Download the updated installer: You can find it on the MYOB website for your specific version and region. For example, here's the link for the Australian version:

    Reinstall NZ Payroll 2023.1: Follow the installation instructions.

    Restart your computer: This ensures all changes take effect.