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10 months ago

Final pay payout

I think I've overpaid the holiday pay on a final pay 

Is there some way I can go back to look at my calculation as it doesnt match the 8%

Employee has a total Gross pay of $18,663.36 (includes final pay) - 8% of that to me is $1493.06

have I missed something here as the calculation on their payslip


Here is what was on the payslip and I'm wondering if I put in some incorrect information when calculating

Holiday Pay 8.00% (final pay) 2,247.36




  • Hi, Viv3 


    Thanks for your post, and welcome to the MYOB Community Forum.


    We're sorry for the delay in response.


    In addition to the information that jenniek provided, to gather more information regarding the concern, kindly check if there's any available annual leave that was also paid when the final pay was processed. This might be a reason why the final pay amount is higher than 8% of the total gross amount. You may also check The Help Article: Processing a final pay for further information.


    Please let us know if you require any further assistance with this. We are happy to assist.


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    Hi Viv3 

    Is this MYOB Payroll? Have you paid Hol Pay (HP) somewhere in the past instead of ANHL Annual leave in advance? This would throw out that calculation. This would mean that the annual leave balance might not have been correct as well. Go back and look at what annual leave was taken. Work out what they woud have accrued, then take the difference.

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      yes this is MYOB Payroll or Essentials.

      the employee has only been with us since December and hasnt taken any Annual Leave.

      On going back to a payslip in January I noticed that it said she had accrued Annual leave at 24.62 since her anniversary but isnt the anniversary the 6 months or annual date


      I did work it out and it was not the amount that MYOB showed which means I've overpaid her by $1,000.

      Is there anyway I can go in and see how I worked out the annual leave.


      I've already paid it out and they have left the country so probably not likely to get this back but I would really like to know how I got it so wrong.

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        Hi Viv3 

        MYOB Payroll and Essentials are two different programmes - I'm assuming Essentials. Without seeing it - I would think the anniversry date may have been wrong. If employee had not worked 12 months, then calculation is only 8% of gross earnings if you had set up 4 weeks of annual leave. If they hadn't taken any leave, there wouldn't be any adjustments. Was there ay allowances paid which may have added to gross earnings?

        In case - if the employee has left and left the country - you won't be able to get the money back.

        The leave showing on the payslip will be accrued leave - technically not due yet - but often taken in advance.

        The final pay would have ignored the accrued hours, and just worked on the 8%