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3 months ago

How to do a one-off bonus payment pay run outside of normal pay cycle?

Hi there we ran our normal fortnightly payroll this Weds 8th May and next one is due 22nd May.  Meantime I have been instructed to make end of year bonus payments to all employees and would like to do this now rather than have to wait until the next payrun.

When I go to set up the pay for the bonus it is asking for the pay period and I am unsure what to enter/how to go about this.  There does not seem to be an option to select for a one off payroll that does not relate to a specific pay period.  Can anybody help/advise please?


Many thanks!

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    Hi there,

    Are you using MYOB Business? - just use the same pay period as the last one, or use the next one. You can do more than one pay in the same pay period