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5 years ago

MYOB payroll timesheet importing

Hi we usually use enter pays to enter all our data however I would like to start using import timesheets as well as enter pays.  I have created a csv file for one of my batches imported it and printe...
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    5 years ago

    Hi Orchard-Sue 

    You now need to "calculate default pays" on the enter pays screen. This will bring all the information across from the timesheet screen into enter pays. It should be noted that you cannot edit the imported information once int he enter pays screen - so you need to make sure its right. If you needed to make changes, then you cancel all active pays and go back to the timesheets screen - edit what you need then calculate default pays again. You dont lose the timesheets screen until you finalise the pay - you can do this process as many times as you need to to get the information correct. The process of Calculate default pays also creates a pay for the salary staff where you have defaults set up on the pay defaults screen - so check that their information is not doubled if you have done both.