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2 months ago

Annual Leave report

I am looking for a report to show the annual leave liability for my end or year accounts.


I can see a new annual leave transaction report , but for a 12 month period it does not show any leave added which would appear to be a bug or fault in the report?


the old essentials had this report which is universally required for year end accounting, seams strange such a fundamental accounting report is now not available or not working?


please help or direct to how I can get this year end figure for my accountant.







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    If you're unable to generate a report showing annual leave liability for your end-of-year accounts in MYOB due to issues with the new annual leave transaction report, it might be a software glitch. Since this report is essential for year-end accounting, consider reaching out to MYOB support for assistance or exploring alternative methods to obtain this figure for your accountant.