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2 months ago

Annual leave

My last 3 pay runs have deleted 38 hours annual leave from my employees entitlements.  A yellow warning sign comes up to tell me.  He is now intoo  minus hours.  There is nothing showing on pay slip to show $ and pay is correct showing base 38 hours and overtime but continues to deduct annual leave!!! So frustrating can anyone give me some advice please.

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    Hi Justin-T_81,


    Thank you for your post, and welcome to the community forum!


    This usually happens when the linked wage pay item for annual leave accrual is set to "base hourly." Processing a pay run deducts hours entered against the base hourly from the annual leave accrual, resulting in a negative balance. 

    To correct this leave balance, you should calculate the total hours accrued from the employee's start date when they became entitled to annual leave accrual. Once you have this number, add it to the negative hours displayed on the employee's card file. Afterward, initiate a void pay transaction and enter the total positive hours against the annual leave accrual to rectify the balance.


    Feel free to write a post if you need further assistance.



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      Thank  you Jem, i have checked and it is set to hourly, so I have changed and fingers crossed for tonights pay run!