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2 years ago

AR Ageing Method Mismatch between Customer Card File & Statement

Our standard customer payment terms are 7-days from invoice date and the Customer Card and Accts Receivable default Ageing Method is "Number of Days Since Invoice Date" , however the Customer Statements Ageing Method is "Days Overdue Using Payment Terms"  and this can't be changed in MYOB.


We realise that the Ageing Method in the AR reports can be changed to Days Overdue Using Payment Terms, however this mismatch between a customer's Card and their Statement has been resulting in our customers arguing that their invoices are not due and therefore paying us 7 days overdue. Is anyone else having this issue with MYOB?  Can MYOB set up an option to allow the Customer Statements to be reported by "Number of Days Since Invoice Date" to match the AR default report? Thanks, Elka


Thanks, Elka


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    there is no way to change the default aging method for customer statements